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Bevel Studio is a 16 track digital recording studio, offering quality recordings at affordable rates. It is located in the fine town of Missoula, Mt. Bevel Studio was conceived and built by musicians. Jimmy Rolle and Troy "Hank" Donovan combined their time and money to make their dream become a reality, by starting their own recording studio.

We try to record the artist from the perspective of the musician. We both believe that the "proof is in the pudding". Instead of spouting out technical jargon and explaining to you the frequency responses of our mics, we'll spend time reproducing the sound coming out of your instrument as accurately as possible.

At Bevel, we pay close attention to the artist's needs. We give them what they want to hear. Allowing the musician and us to have a positive and productive working relationship.... getting the body of work to it's finished stage.

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