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 Jun 22, 2002
  The Disappointments have completed their soon to be released 5 song EP.

Oblio Joes are still chugging away on their long player… it will be a gem.

Bevel Studio has reached 24 track capabilities. New 24 track rates are still being discussed.

 Jun 11, 2002
  Currently we are in the middle of 2 great projects. The Oblio Joes have laid down 18 tracks.. Some old, some new, but all quality goods.

The Disappointment are recording a small EP.

Both bands are both losing band members. Tor from Oblio Joes has moved to Alaska, and Dan from the Disappointments has moved to Nevada. So it was urgent to capture their particular tracks, so the projects could move forward.

 Apr 25, 2002
  We just finished up some recent projects, including a pair of bands from the Hamilton area: Horseshoes 'n Handgrenades and Nerds with Instrument.

Also we have some sweet projects coming up. Oblio Joes are planning on recording a follow up to Sintax and Some Antics. Disappointments are also scheduled to record in May.

 Jan 16, 2002
  Wow. It's been awhile since I updated the Whats New section. Okay here we go. First of all we've been making some serious progress with Saint Rage's full length. All is left is mix down and mastering. That kept us busy for the end of 2001 up till now.

We also had Matt Gore doing some rap in the studio… keepin' the street alive in the studio.

Humpy was the first recording project of the studio.. Way back in Sept. 1998. They never finished their recording, but now Justin L., has decided to pick up the reigns and finish the recording. He recently purchased a XT20 and will be able to transfer the "lost" tapes to his computer. Some vocals need to be done and bass tracks need to be re-done, and soon the legendary Humpy recordings will be available to the public. Yee Haa

 Nov 5, 2001
  Oblio Joes's album, "Sin Tax and Some Antics", just got reviewed in the Missoula Independent. You can read it here.
 Oct 24, 2001
  St. Rage has booked 3 days in November. They are planning on recording 17-18 songs, and will pick the top 10 or 11 songs. Full length to come shortly.

Oblio Joes are releasing their album, Sin Tax and Some Antics, on Nov 8.

 Oct 9, 2001
  Bevel is up and running again. Jimmy just had his 4th child. We are rested and ready to go. First band up to bat is the Gustafsons. They're laying down some drums, guitar and scratch vocals. They will complete the recording on their own at a later date.

The Lazerwolfs just had their latest EP reviewed by Custom Heavy!! You can read all about it here.

 Aug 24, 2001
  The Disappointments new album, "Dog Meets Girls", has a review in the Missoula Independent!

Other news.. Is it looks like we're getting set for some heavy action in October. September, the studio will be closed. Jimmy is expecting his 4th child!

 Aug 1, 2001
  Just got word that the Lazerwolfs just booked 2 days at the end of August for a 4 song recording session. Recordings will feature Bevel's own Jimmy Rolle on lead "belly fiddle".
 Jul 31, 2001
  After a very successful recording with the Oblio Joes, plans for a September appearance are already in the works. Their 9 song long player sounds great, and would qualify as one of the best recording out of Bevel Studio.
 Jul 16, 2001
  We just finished the Disappointments project… barely. During the final overdubs, one of our machines ('ol faithful) died. Luckily, we were able to borrow another ADAT from the Boy's and Girl's club to finish the mix down of the album; which sounded great! A new ADAT has been ordered, and the old one is planned for service. Once all machines have arrived and everything is working properly, we will be upgraded to a 24 track studio.

This weekend is the Oblio Joes!! Excitement is in the air.

 Jun 26, 2001
  Disappointments just finished their 3 song EP. They plan on recording a full length in July, and adding these 3 songs on that as well. Expected release in August.
 Jun 25, 2001
  We just received confirmation that the legendary Oblio Joes are going to make their first appearance into Bevel… We are stoked! Also, locking dates is ELGUAPOS from Butte, MT. … Butte representin'!
 Jun 21, 2001
  Bevel Studio is going to increase the rates by $5. So recording, mixing and mastering is $25/hour starting August 1. This is still way below competitors rates! All bands that we previously talked to will still retain the original quoted rate. Our plans for the future is a third ADAT for 24 track digital recording, and a analog 2 track recorder for masters. Gear, gear… there is always gear to buy.
 Jun 1, 2001
  The studio is seeing some heavy action. We just finished recording a Harp and Flute Duet called Serenity and a 2 piece (but fully composed rock band), called Two For The Road. Also, the Disappointments have made their second appearance in the studio, and are in the process of recording their 2nd long player. Bands on deck to record: Oblio Joes, Redneck Eddy, AntiDifrancos, _pollen
 Mar 12, 2001
  Just in… Lazerwolfs are set to make another appearance in the studio. They will be accompanied with Sasshole to record a split. Looks like a vinyl version and CD version… CD will include extra tracks. The recording will be under the new local label "Fathead Records" fronted by head LZWF Chris "CHaRISma" LaTray. God helps us all.
 Mar 5, 2001
  FireHawk is in the house. Firehawk consists of 2 members from The Goodword: Aron and Tim. They are planning on banging out a few songs for documentation, since the two mentioned members are planning on moving to Seattle to continue The Goodword tradition.
 Feb 12, 2001
  Looks like Hiper Lopro will make their final appearance in the studio. Due to many "life" changes and members moving… Hiper Lopro is calling it quits. They will be recording 2 songs that have never been recorded, and will insert the Pixies song "Umass" on a small fare-well CD EP.

Mike & Rick will master the 2nd set of material, releasing PT2 of their double album (WGKYA II).

 Feb 6, 2001
  Ass End Offend from Kalispell have scheduled a couple of days with us!
 Jan 16, 2001
  A new feature has been added to the "About Us" section of the site. You can now see what days the studio is available via a dynamic calendar.

Everyday Sinners have scheduled a day in the studio to record a single song for an upcoming compliation CD.

 Jan 4, 2001
  Lots of new leads for recording this month. Everyday Sinners need to lay down a track for an upcoming compilation. FireFrog, featuring the drummer from PunchTruck, will make an appearance at the end of the month.
 Dec 28, 2000
  Mike & Rick get a bitchin' review in the Missoula Independent… check it out!
 Dec 15, 2000
  New action this month: Lazerwolfs (off-shoot of Nobody's Heroes) and Chasing Yahweh are making their appearances in the studio. We recently acquired a new effects processor as well.

The website has been getting a lot of positive feedback. The forum seems to be generating some great attention! If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

There has been some discussion on purchasing another ADAT… giving us a 24 track capability. Stay tuned.

 Nov 13, 2000
  Whoa!! The Forum has been implimented, finally. Let's do some talking. Please feel free to ask questions or post some comments.

Bevel will be finishing up Cold Mountain Rhythm Band this week. Also, the Moonlighters have shown some interest in recording here… let's cross our fingers.

 Oct 18, 2000
  Punchtruck will be making a recording appearance in the studio tonight. Punchtruck features Leo, drummer from (recently moved to Portland), SuperFire.

They plan on recording a demo.

 Oct 17, 2000
  A little bird just told me the Oblio Joes are interested in recording. We are working on the proposed dates of engagement.
 Oct 13, 2000
  Cold Mountain Rhythm Band has recently called us to record a live set at the Top Hat in Missoula, Mt. Along with the "live" songs there will be 4 studio songs recorded on site at Bevel.
 Sept 30, 2000
  Wensaslas Cat, a band we worked on early in the year, has returned to complete mix down of their upcoming release.

Rumor has it, that Nobody's Heroes (recently converted to 3 piece juggornaut), is planning on a recording a follow up album. Will they record here?? hmmmmmm. We hope so!

The Missoula Independent's Andy Smetanka, of Humpy fame, recently did a "round-up" review of 4 local albums. The cool thing is that all 4 albums were recorded at Bevel. Bands mentioned: Mike&Rick, Cicada, Tra-Bang! and Hiper Lopro

You read the review at the following link:

 Aug 15, 2000
  Hiper Lopro finally finished their long anticipated recording debut titled, "How To Track A Tornado". It available for sale at Bevel and at EarCandy for a mere $10.

A review from the Missoula Independent can be seen at this url:

Bevel Studio's new band creation, Pollen just recorded a 3 song document. We are still in search of bass and drums to complete the line-up.

We recently bought Yale "nickel" Kaul's drum set. A nice 5 piece Rogers kit.. so bevel has a house kit. So all you solo acts....get in here!

 Jul 6, 2000
  We were included in a Missoula Independent article!!

Please Read:

 Jun 19, 2000
  Bevel has been a busy business. We just completed Cicada's project, and are in the middle of Wensaslas Cat, which should be done in mid to end June.

Tra-Bang!, our Fu-Mancu tribute band just completed a 7 song album. Recipe for music... 1 part rock, 1 part roll.

 May 15, 2000
  It's been a while since I've updated the "Whats New" section. First of all, the Bevel website got a face lift. I've utilized some of the new technologies I have learned (dynamic web design).

We recorded bands since my last update, which can be viewed on the "Past Projects" link. Currently, we are in the middle of recording the "hardest working" band in Missoula, Cicada. They are putting together a long player, and the recording is going great.

Wensaslas Cat, a new band to the Missoula scene has also made their appearance in the studio. Like Cicada, they are recording a full length album. Both bands should complete their projects by the end of May.

Tra-Bang, our studio Fu-Manchu band consisting of band members Jimmy Rolle (Pollen, F), Hank (Hiper Lopro, Pollen), Shane Graff (Lardello) and Yale "Nickel" Kaul (Humpy, Lardello) are planning on recording a 7 song disc dedicated to the greatest band on earth. You can experience some of the exictement at their website.

 Nov 15, 1999
  Nobody's Heroes, from Ronan, are planning on doing a demo project at the beginning of December. 8 tracks are being planned. The Disappointments plan on recording a 4 to 5 song demo in the beginning of December. Humpy recorded 18 songs on Labor Day. They will probably finish vocals and overdubs at the end of November and December.
 Nov 8, 1999
  Crushed Apple Theatres from Butte, Mt. are planning on recording 5 songs on the 24 of November. Liquin are planning on finishing their full length album. They recorded the bulk of their album at another local recording studio, but plan on finishing their project by recording 4 additional songs at Bevel.
 Oct 27, 1999
  We actually have stuff in our store!!! The Battle of the Bands held in Butte, Montana is out on disc. F is out as well…check them out.
 Oct 21, 1999
  We provide mastering capabilities!!! Currently we use an IBM pentium400 with SoundForge, CoolEdit, and CD Architect. Our interface is the Lexicon Core 2 PCI card. We also have the Microboards PlayWrite CD burner.
 Oct 16, 1999
  Bevel will do a radio interview to promote the studio on KUFM (89.1) City Lights at 11:00 PM with Joan Richarde. We are bringing a CD sampler which will include various bands recorded in the past. Bands on the sampler: Hiper Lopro, F, Ritmo Six, Rhythm & Booze Soul Revue, Cicada (live), Black Licorice (live)
 Oct 11, 1999
  Our studio band, F, just completed mix down of our 4 song demo titled "Control F".
 Oct 9, 1999
  Local Missoula funk band Ritmo Siz plan to do their basic tracking for their demo project.
 Oct 7, 1999
  Rhythm & Booze Soul Revue has completed their demo entitled "Super Heroes of Soul" or possibly titled "3 Chords and a Dream". The demo has 7 tracks recorded. CDs for duplication are in the plans for the band.
 Sept 5, 1999
  Today we were featured in the Business section of the Missoulian. You can view the photo and read the article.
 Sept 1, 1999
  Projects in the works are a full length album for local punk legends, Humpy, and rock opera single for the sound twisting band, The Goodword. Hiper Lopro will finish their full length album by the end of December.

Battle of the Bands CD (Butte, Mt. Apr. 15, 1999) is planned to be released by the end of the month.

Upcoming bands to record in mid and end September: Ritmo Six (bringin' the funk, baby) demo recording. Swifty Morgan (local "cross-over" country band) 2 song single sampler and following with a full length CD.

 Aug 28, 1999
  Live Remote Recording at the 1st annual Lake Fest in Big Fork, Montana. Band that were recorded: Hip Strip Tet, Big Sandy Grain Co., Stuttering Hutterites, Penumbra, Fuse, Abendego, The Cory Heydon Band. A CD of the event is planned for release at the end of the year.
 Aug 1, 1999
  Bevel is officially open!!!!!
 Apr 16, 1999
  Live Remote Recording at the 5th annual Battle of the Bands in Butte, Montana. Bands that were recorded: Hiper Lopro, Cicada, Black Licorice, Lint, Krunk, Chronic Circle.
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