The Lazerwolfs    Project Date: Jan 3, 2001
  Date:   09/16/2005
  Post Name:   Daniel
  Comment:   Very nice site!
  Date:   01/15/2001
  Post Name:   Steve-o from All limbs Attached
  Comment:   Wow guys, Gothic is truely a great album. great guitars, amazing bass, and the drums i can't get enough of. i really like the originallity. plus, you have a beautiful girl on every page. that is definately what topped it off. you guys rock, keep up the good work.
  Date:   01/05/2001
  Post Name:   bubba warne
  Comment:   I want to have Jimmy's babies
  Date:   01/04/2001
  Post Name:   Chris La Tray
  Comment:   This Lazerwolfs project was the third one I've done with Bevel; so far, I have been involved in the recording of 32 songs. Quality of sound wise, each project has been exponentially better than the previous. I don't think we could get a better sounding document of our music if we went to some huge, $200/hour studio with a fatcat producer in tow. We are already in the planning phase for our next project, which will be a full length LAZERWOLFS album, and I can't freakin' wait to do it!
  Date:   01/04/2001
  Post Name:   Aaron Carlson
  Comment:   This was my first studio experience, and I am without enough good things to say. After a long time, my dream of making great music is coming to frution, and Bevel is an awesome place to do it. I can't wait to get crackin' on the next Lazerwolfs project, which is already on our minds. I'm looking forward to Hank and Jimmy's magic touch on the next project. Rock and roll forever, baby!!!
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