Oblio Joes    Project Date: Jul 29, 2001
  Date:   11/13/2001
  Post Name:   hank
  Comment:   I normally don't comment on the studio's projects.. but this new Obe's album is good... REAL good.

Troy "hank" Donovan
Bevel Studio, partner
  Date:   07/30/2001
  Post Name:   Brunelli
  Comment:   Gol dang! Our experience at Bevel was an incredible treat. We are already planning our next venture into the studio. I was impressed by the seemingly effortless way in which Hank and Jimmy dialed in the Oblio sound. And that means more than turning the 'GAY' knob to 11. These guys did a professional job, in a short amount of time, for a LOW, LOW price.

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