Hiper Lopro    Project Date: Mar 30, 2000
  Date:   11/09/2000
  Post Name:   Hiper Lopro
  Comment:   The MP3 files (and my computer) didn't do justice to this fine album. I've just finished listening to How to Track a Tornado,
and the quality of the recording is second to none. And Thanks hplp for producing some hummable tunes that I can take to work in my head.
And beleive me as a high school teacher, you need some hummable tunes in your head at times. Long live DIY, and I look forward to more great
music from you guys in the future!
Cheers! Come and see us some time!
  Date:   10/28/2000
  Post Name:   hplp
  Comment:   "How To Track A Tornado" is one of the best local recordings made here in Missoula, Mt. !
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